Project Nola

24-hour residence

Our Project Nola arose from the collaboration between Perlentaucher and Fundació Aspace, which offers comprehensive care services to people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities with the aim of promoting their personal development and helping them to carry out their life projects.
The project has succeeded in raising public and private funds, the construction process have already begun and our team, Jesus Fernandez from Fundació Aspace, Jaime Valcaneras, Silvia Morais and Petra Höfinger from Perlentaucher as well as Sara Santoyo from Rex4media will guide the Project Nola.      
Work is expected to be completed next summer and the new centre is expected to be operational from October 2024.
The new center will have ten places for children and ten places for adults. It will be integrated in the facilities of Fundació Aspace in Marratxí and will have 800 m² of floor space, single and double rooms, outdoor areas and respite areas.
The new buildings will be surrounded by a beautiful garden to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy nature. The pavilion, which will be located next to the living rooms, offers a room for personalized attention and an open area for leisure activities.
The multifunctional building of Fundació Aspace was designed to meet all the needs of the users and has adapted facilities where we find a hydrotherapy pool, a sensory garden, a park of 300 m2 and a riding area for assisted therapies with horses, among others.
Our Project Nola will be now implemented thanks to your private donations and the 2.5 million euro grant that the Balearic Government has awarded to Fundació Aspace.
Our heartfelt thanks also go to our long-standing trusted construction partners for their committed willingness to contribute materials and work!
From Perlentaucher and Fundacio Aspace we would like to give you our heartfelt thanks to have made it possible for this precious solidarity initiative to become a reality!

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Perlentaucher | Fundació Aspace
Banca March IBAN: ES52 0061 0029 1317 1031 0117
Perlentaucher | Fundació Aspace
Banca March IBAN:
ES52 0061 0029 1317 1031 0117