Quality is all about
being unique

Quality is all about being unique

Perlentaucher develops, builds and sells high-end projects. Our many years of experience also allow us to offer third parties comprehensive management of their new buildings and renovations, from project handling through to the architect's planning to the execution of the work.

We love our work, so we do it with precision and attention to detail, consistently providing our clients with the reliability and care they deserve and which sets us apart from our competitors. Our experience in the construction sector and our in-depth knowledge of the terrain have enabled us to develop more than 40 major projects in 10 years. Thus, we are continuously working on more than 20 projects in their different phases of implementation at the same time. Perlentaucher currently has a sales volume of over EUR 100 millon. 

The team behind Perlentaucher

Perlentaucher | James von Enden

James von Enden

Managing Partner
Perlentaucher | Silvia Morais

Silvia Morais

Architect & Interior Designer
Perlentaucher | Chelo Llull

Chelo Llull

Perlentaucher | Sara Delgado

Sara Delgado

Perlentaucher | Sophie Motylski

Sophie Motylski

Home Service
Perlentaucher | Udo Frey

Udo Frey

Perlentaucher | Petra Dreyer

Petra Dreyer

Marketing & Sales
Perlentaucher | Frank Lefeld

Frank Lefeld

Project Manager & SALES
Perlentaucher | Felix Turowsky

Felix Turowsky

Project Strategy
Perlentaucher | Henar Santos

Henar Santos

Technical Architect
Perlentaucher | Sergio Gálvez

Sergio Gálvez

Technical Service
Perlentaucher | Dr. Christoph Beckmann

Dr. Christoph Beckmann

Perlentaucher | Deniz Canpolat

Deniz Canpolat

Office Manager
Perlentaucher | Jaime Valcaneras

Jaime Valcaneras

Architect & Construction Engineer
Perlentaucher | Alexandra

Alexandra Höfinger

Perlentaucher | Arek Kulma

Arek Kulma

Technical Service
Perlentaucher | Christian Hirschvogel

Christian Hirschvogel


Guillermo Larsen 

Perlentaucher | Alejandra González

Alejandra González

Perlentaucher | Alejo Place

Alejo Place

Technical Architect
Perlentaucher | Lars Labonte

Lars Labonte


We value the comfort of a safe home, tailored to your individual needs


We value the comfort of a safe home, tailored to your individual needs

Home service

As soon as you arrive in Mallorca, everything we do is geared towards enhancing your stay on the island. This is why we take care of all your and your family's needs, from inspecting and professionally cleaning your home to providing personalised service upon request.
Perlentaucher | Home Service

Property maintenance

We maintain your property as it was on the first day, offering you a personalised technical support service throughout the year. Our after-sales service is designed to make our clients' day-to-day life as trouble-free as possible. To this end, we have a team of specialists on hand to deal with any problems that may arise.

Reliable local suppliers

Our approach to work is based on empathy, because we know how important it is to be able to rely on an efficient team that solves every challenge to perfection. At the same time, we use our good contacts to source natural and environmentally friendly materials that retain their value over time and minimise costs.