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Project development with an exceptional personal commitment

Motivated by the vision and passion for promoting comfortable and pleasant ways of life and dwellings, and after many years of experience in the real-estate sector, I decided to make things in a different way.

Like a pearl diver who swims deep down into the see to find hidden pearls, I started looking for “pearls” to build. My strength consists in discovering the potential of a specific location and creating a project for the construction of a modern and sophisticated house, with a homely atmosphere and natural materials.

Real-estate development is a highly creative process which could only be possible with a carefully selected team of professionals who take any dare, confront it efficiently and get the best result, paying close attention to every detail.

That is the reason why I would like to thank the Perlentaucher team and our collaborating partners for their effort and support.

We have established our business with caution and our company is growing prudently. After ten years of project development and hard work, we have earned a good reputation as real-estate developers in the market, and with every new “pearl” we create a dream life.

In Perlentaucher we keep looking for new hidden “pearls” to make them shine and fascinate.


James von Enden


Perlentaucher Team Perlentaucher


Who We Are?



Petra Dreyer

Petra embodies Perlentaucher’s values and philosophy! Since the start she is assisting James and taking care of structure, development, real-estate issues and public relations. In her personal life, art and Japanese archery are her passion.



Ana Montero

Ana is our young first architect and tackles all her tasks with energy and enthusiasm. She is efficient and vigorous, and her work is fascinating. She loves visiting interesting cities and spending time with her family, and is an enthusiast of architecture.



Deniz Canpolat

Deniz is in charge of the office management. She is fast, efficient and committed. Brought up in a multicultural environment she has experience in the tourism industry at an international level. Her private interest is to get to know new cultures.



Alejandra Gonzalez

With her empathy, her tireless commitment, her abilities and her great team spirit, this young Mexican architect has fit perfectly well in our company. She adores her culture and loves practising sports of any kind.



Sergio Galvez

Sergio has an essential role as supervisor of daily progress at different developments, maintenance and repairs. He is an extremely trustworthy man and spares no effort. In addition, Sergio is a leader of a fire brigade and a qualified lifeguard.



Arek Kulma

Arek is strong as a bear. Highly motivated, he supports our technical service and reinforces the construction works. Privately, he is very involved in sports, has been a successful handball player for years and Arek is a music fan.

Frank Lefeld
Frank enriches the Perlentaucher team as project manager with competence, humor and team spirit! As a longtime sales consultant of a renowned property developer in Bremen, he is well prepared to apply his knowledge now to our project work.


Jaime Valcaneras

Architect, technical architect and civil engineer, many years of experience in construction and in the building department. With this qualification Jaime is the perfect link between theory and practice. Team-oriented and helpful enriches his positive charisma our team very much.



Henar Santos

Henar is our power woman from Granada. Communicative, stress-resistant and team-oriented, she immediately integrated perfectly. As a technical architect, Henar provides the urgently needed support for our project work.



Sara Delgado

Our new architect Sara enriches the team with charm and brains. Her passion for natural materials and her good eye for nature and landscape go perfectly with the Perlentaucher style. Sara will set new accents for a pleasant living ambiance.


Chelo Llull

As a professional accountant who is very well structured and loves numbers, Chelo gives us all an important orientation. Her integrity and willingness to help can be felt immediately. With Chelo Perlentaucher gain efficiency and transparency.



Sophie Motylski

Thanks to her training as a media clerk and many years of experience in customer service, Sophie has a good eye for details and perfection. With our new "home service", she will ensure that our pearls are always in top condition.




James von Enden

Developing new projects with the aim of creating dream houses is James von Enden’s passion. His international background –he was born in Sidney, studied in Oxford, Madrid and Paris, and worked in Mexico, Moscow and Miami– made him predestined to face this demanding challenge. His team and collaborators, as well as his clientes, agents and workers, appreciate his enthusiasm, commitment and unwavering kindness and availability.



Lars Labonte

Lars Labonte is one of Perlentaucher founding partners. From the very beginning, he saw potential in the project, shared the vision and supported the company’s growth unreservedly and vehemently. He always gets motivation and acknowledgement from the team members and relies on team spirit and corporate design. His optimism and creative talent are like a breath of fresh air.



Udo Frey

Udo Frey is also one of Perlentaucher founding partners. From the start, he trusted James Von Enden and his support is essential for the company’s success. The whole team is very fond of him and acknowledges his work. Udo Frey sees every detail and has a strong sense of coherence. A tenacious and determined worker, he is an honest and trustworthy workmate.



Christian Hirschvogel

Christian Hirschvogel first knew Perlentaucher as a client and investor, but soon he was impressed by the exceptional development of projects, the intense personal involvement of all the team members and the “pearls” created. As a partner, Christian Hirschvogel is very much appreciated by all of us. His sensitivity, respectful behavior and constant kindness are essential contributions to Perlentaucher’s team spirit.



Dr. Christoph Beckmann

Christoph is the Perlentaucher "ace of hearts" for strategic planning. As an investor in growth companies and former Board member of Swiss Airlines he knows, how to grow companies successfully. Christoph will now actively support the further development of Perlentaucher. Professional and private journeys keep him in touch with art and culture from various countries and he is a dedicated outdoor sportsman who loves sailing, mountain biking and ski-touring.

Please, if you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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