Project “La Nola“

24-hour children's residence

This is a project that is very dear to us and which arose from the collaboration with the Aspace Foundation, the reference centre for cerebral palsy (CP) in the Balearic Islands. In order to create a great project aimed at facilitating the daily lives of severely physically and mentally handicapped children, and that of their families, we went to great lengths to raise the necessary funds for the construction of a 24-hour children's residence.
The idea is to be able to cope with all kinds of unforeseen situations, be it a sudden health problem of the parents or any other domestic emergency, during which children can be looked after full time, part-time, for a few days or even just one night.

Perlentaucher brings its experience and know-how for the supervision of the construction free of charge. From the fundraising to the commissioning of the residence, this is by far the most important undertaking of our company, in which we have put our heart and soul!
Project “La Nola“ - 24-hour children's residence
The plans and the building permit for the children’s residence are underway and another important development has recently taken place: in a new meeting between the management of Aspace and the regional minister, a subsidy of about EUR 400,000 has been allocated to the project. Together with the funds already raised, the EUR 900,000 needed for the construction will be made available on time. The city council has confirmed that the financial support can be granted in May/June 2021. Moreover, thanks to our solid contacts in the building industry, we are convinced of further cost reductions.
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